Used CTI CRYOGENICS 8300 / 8001 #140834 for sale

CTI CRYOGENICS 8300 / 8001
8300 / 8001
ID: 140834
Water cooled helium compressor.
CTI CRYOGENICS 8300 / 8001 cryopump is a high-end pump designed for cryogenic applications. It is capable of pumping nitrogen, argon, oxygen, and other noble gases with an ultimate pressure as low as 5 mTorr at room temperature. Its optimized design includes an array of features which make it ideal for use in industrial, scientific, and medical environments. 8300 / 8001 provides excellent leak containment, making it very reliable in the transfer process of liquid and gaseous cryogens from vacuum vessels. It features a powerful motor, capable of delivering high pumping speeds with low electrical power consumption and has a temperature range of -100°C to +150°C. Additionally, it offers minimum thermal conductivity, making it efficient even at extreme temperatures. This cryopump incorporates an innovative cooling equipment which consists of an exterior heat exchanger and a user-defineable temperature control system, making it easy to maintain the cooling parameters of the pump regardless of the external environment. This unit, combined with the advanced motor controller and advanced materials used in the pump, guarantee optimal performance and multiple safety sensors available to protect your machine. It has a robust construction with all components tucked safely away within the custom built housing and is supplied with detailed documentation and installation instructions, as well as comprehensive technical support for any queries regarding its use or adjustment. CTI CRYOGENICS 8300 / 8001 is an ideal solution for cryogenic applications, offering superior performance, reliability, and value for money. With its user-friendly design, and efficient cooling tool, it is an ideal solution for managing cryogenic materials in industrial, scientific, and medical environments.
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