Used CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 #144627 for sale

ID: 144627
Water cooled cryo compressor NOS with 0 hours 8001 Controller.
CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 is a cryogenic pump that is designed for use in a wide variety of industrial and biomedical applications. It is an oil-free, reciprocating positive displacement pump that uses a patented, sealed-liquid helium displacement drive and a mono-crystal ceramic rotor. This design configuration allows for an extremely efficient and reliable operation at temperatures as low as minus-265 degrees Celsius. The drive equipment is controlled by an internal microprocessor and is capable of delivering a continuous range of flow rates up to 12 liters per minute. 8300 pump features a safety system with audible and visual alarms for over-temperature and low-pressure alarms, as well as manual and automatic bypass valve control. These features allow for greater control and safety while operating the pump. The pump is further equipped with a wide range of built-in sensors that can monitor the temperature, pressure, and flow rate of the liquid helium in the unit, allowing for responsive and accurate control over the process. Additionally, the pump also has an integrated cooling machine that allows for further temperature control if needed. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 is a highly efficient and reliable cryogenic pump that provides excellent performance when working with gaseous and liquid cryogens, such as oxygen and liquid helium. It is typically used in medical, industrial, and research applications that require precise, consistent temperature control. 8300 is built to operate with minimal maintenance and maintenance costs, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.
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