Used CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 #9096992 for sale

ID: 9096992
Compressor Accessories available: CTI Cryo Pumps Voltage: 208V Motor power: 5kW.
CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 Cryo-pump is a two stage cryo-pump for industrial, laboratory and research applications. It is designed to provide a reliable and efficient method for exhausting gas and prevents condensable vapors from backstreaming during normal and abnormal operation. 8300 features a stainless steel cylinder body with a long-life, multi-turn motor and low current limit making it an ideal choice for industrial applications. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 is capable of handling a range of workloads with a free air displacement of 1.7 acfm, a pumping speed of up to 110 liters / minute and a maximum pressure of 1.6 torr. The pump is equipped with a top-mounted, swivel-out, master-slave controller that allows the user to adjust variables such as the pumping speed and the maximum pressure. Additionally, 8300 features a built-in automatic pressure switch that monitors the pressure in the chamber and will shut off the pump if the pressure falls below a certain level. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 is also equipped with a unique design that maximizes efficiency and extend the lifespan of the pump. Its innovative coil shapes provide a large and efficient area of heat exchange to efficiently lower the temperature of the gas entering the pump and minimize the risk of backstreaming. 8300 is also designed with heavy duty motors and a high-powered magnet that create a superior performance and reduces vibration, aiding in the quiet operation of the pump. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 is also constructed with stainless steel cylinders and PTFE coated vanes that ensures durability and reliability. Additionally, it is equipped with an electronic overload cut-off to protect the motor from damage or overstressing. 8300 is designed to provide users with efficient and reliable performance for a variety of industrial applications and is backed by a two year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. With its low current limit, easy adjustment of variables and high performance, CTI-CRYOGENICS 8300 is an ideal choice for industrial and laboratory applications.
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