Used CTI-CRYOGENICS 8510 #9090883 for sale

ID: 9090883
Cryo compressor.
CTI-CRYOGENICS 8510 is a cryogenic pump based on a rotary-vane design. It is designed as a self-contained cryogenic pump, providing high efficiency and reliability and with low maintenance requirements. The pump is suitable for all kinds of cryogenic fluids such as liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon. The pump is designed with a 1-50 GPM (gallon per minute) flow capacity and a maximum working pressure of 150 psig (pounds per square inch gauge). It features a 10 HP (horse power) electric motor driving the pump with a gearbox for different speed and an electronic control system to regulate the speed. The pump also includes a movable inlet valve which allows the user to switch from atmospheric pressure or an external pressure source. The pump is capable of operating at temperatures of -320°F to 180°F and humidity levels of 0-85%. The rotary-vane design allows the user to select the appropriate speed for the application without any risk of cavitation. The pump also has a stainless steel mesh inlet filter to avoid cavitation and the capability to control the rpm/ torque output. The pump has a built-in air-temperature regulation system which simplifies cold-start operation and helps to maintain optimal performances against varying ambient temperatures. It also offers a built-in low-level vacuum relief valve for safety. 8510 pump has a unique oil-free (cryogenic) design featuring a single stage compression and eliminating the risk of leaks. It also has an integrated instrument control panel to monitor temperature, pressure and other operational parameters. The pump is ideal for cryogenic pumping applications such as cryogenic fluid transfer, vapor recovery, liquefaction of gases, storage tank filling, sample filling and other applications that require accurate pressure control in cryogenic environments. It is a robust and reliable pump with low maintenance requirements and excellent performance when used in cryogenic applications.
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