Used CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F (On-Board) #144632 for sale

8F (On-Board)
ID: 144632
Cryopump Part No.: 8116005G004 Includes: Valves Sensors Fittings Currently stored in a warehouse since 2002.
CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F (On-Board) is a reliable, versatile, compact cryogenic liquid pump. As a multi-stage reciprocating compressor, it is designed for ease of integration and operation without additional components. Its features make it the choice for demanding applications needing maximum performance. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F (On-Board) pump draws on its 100+ years of cryogenic experience and offers precision performance for reliable operation in the toughest cryogenic environments. Its efficient two-stage design is used to increase the pressure of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, allowing direct transfer to critical components such as fuel cells. It is equipped with a motor that is designed to run off of low-voltage AC or DC power and is equipped with self-diagnosis and over temperature protection capabilities. It also uses a patented anti-icing/hub-cap venting system which improves reliability and performance and offers long-term protection in extreme cold environments. The housing case measures 24 inches tall and is 19.5 inches in diameter, making it ideal for applications requiring a compact, high-performance pump. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F ON-BOARD pump is designed to reduce noise and vibrations, with a sound rating of 57 decibels. The internal cryogenic pump is equipped with a metering nozzle for precise metering and can work with pressures up to 250psi, temperatures from- 400°F to +400°F and a working pressure range of 0-15 psi. 8F (On-Board) pump is the perfect solution for a range of cryogenic operations, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial, and aerospace. With its high-performance capabilities, it is designed to meet the toughest cryogenic conditions. Its reliability, quiet operation, and precision capabilities make it the ideal solution for any cryogenic liquid application.
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