Used CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F (On-Board) #177596 for sale

8F (On-Board)
ID: 177596
Cryopump, P/N 8116054G001 3-phase Includes ISO CF clamp style flange Includes sensors, valves, and attachments Cables and hoses not included Currently Warehoused.
CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F is a high-performance, on-board, cryogenic pump that provides reliable and efficient cryogen pumping. This pump is designed to provide an optimal solution to cryogen-based process and industrial applications. This pump is integrated with advanced features and modern design concepts, optimizing reliability and performance while minimizing cost of ownership. It has a single-piece fan housing and unique impeller design that ensure better air circulation and low noise levels. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F has an Input Pressure Range of -90-45 Kbs, with an Input Flow Rate of 40 CFM at 50Hz. The output pressure range is 0-35 Kps. This pump is further equipped with two-stage, high volume compressor and a double-bearing system for continuous operation, as well as its IP Class Protection. The advanced design of this pump includes several advanced safety mechanisms like automatic shut-down sensors, pre-programmed temperature control valves, and pre-defined discharge pressure safety control. These advanced safety mechanisms help protect the pump from damage caused by high pressure and temperature, allowing it to operate with peace of mind. Furthermore, CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F has a dual-bearing system and one stage turbo-compressor, enabling it to achieve ultra-high pumping speeds while minimizing consumption. This pump is also ideal for transporting and maintaining cryogenic liquids, making it the perfect choice for all cryogenic process or industrial applications. This pump is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of cryogenic process, and is CE & ISO-9001 certified. It comes with a two-years warranty and offers a great deal of operational peace of mind for users. CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F is also low-maintenance, requiring only a minimum of service and inspection. In conclusion, CTI-CRYOGENICS 8F is an advanced, on-board, cryogenic pump engineered for optimal reliability and performance. It is ideal for a wide range of cryogenic process and industrial applications, offering reliable and efficient cryogen pumping at a competitive price.
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