Used CTI-CRYOGENICS 9600 #182714 for sale

ID: 182714
Compressor 380-415/460V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph 5.5kW, 0.9 nominal power factor.
CTI-CRYOGENICS 9600 cryopump is a rotary, positive-displacement pump used to remove gas molecules and inert gases from vacuum systems. It uses a rotating, vane-shaped rotor with a gas capture surface to capture gas molecules, which are then frozen onto the cooled surfaces of the rotor by a cryogenic fluid. The cryogenic fluid is kept at a constant temperature through an internal cooling system and is stripped away from the rotor by a fan. The rotor is mounted on a shaft and driven by a motor. CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYOGENICS 9600 pump can process from a few millimeters to several meters of stationary gas with a vacuum of down to 10-10 Torr. Its large collecting area, coupled with its low energy consumption, makes it ideal for a variety of applications such as plasma physics, semiconductor process systems, metallurgical systems and lower-impedance gas-handling systems. It is also very reliable, able to work continuously for up to 500 hours at full load. The rotor of the pump is made of a nickel alloy and is comprised of a circular baseplate and a series of vane segments that cut a continuous vacuum chamber. The vane segments of the rotor have the ability to rotate and move independently, allowing them to capture an impressive amount of gas molecules quickly. When the rotor rotates, the recirculation of the cryogenic fluid cools the rotor's capturing surface, effectively freezing the captured molecules in place. 9600 pump sits atop a high-efficiency fan for drying and stripping the gas molecules from the rotor. The fan is adjustable with a speed range of 0-100%, allowing for higher operating frequencies and greater flexibility in machine operation. The fan is powered by a motor and connected to an adjustable, second-generation power supply for exact adjustment of motor speed and torque. CRYOGENICS 9600 pump is constructed with a built-in vacuum gauge, allowing it to monitor its own performance. This is one of the most essential features of this type of pump, since it allows to quickly detect if the performance of the pump is deteriorating and react accordingly. The vacuum gauge also allows for real-time monitoring of the cryopump's performance. This superior performance of CTI-CRYOGENICS 9600 is backed by quality development, high-end components and extensive testing. This makes sure that the pump offers optimal service and performance, while also providing maximum energy-saving and cost efficiency.
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