Used CTI-CRYOGENICS 9600 #9254099 for sale

ID: 9254099
Cryo compressor Power supply: 380-460 V, 60 Hz 280-415 V, 50 Hz.
CTI-CRYOGENICS 9600 is an advanced high-flow cryogenic pumping equipment designed for reliable and efficient service with a variety of cryogenics. CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYOGENICS 9600 model is particularly well-suited for use in very large facilities, such as large research laboratories, and has a variety of advanced features that make it suitable for use in hostile cryogenic environments. 9600 is a reciprocating, direct-drive unit that is powered by a 1 HP electric motor, and features a dual-piston design for maximum torque, vibration, and noise reduction. The pump also features a bronze-sleeve bearing system, for increased durability and stability, and adjustable stroke length to optimize performance. CRYOGENICS 9600 boasts a maximum flow rate of 91 liters/min and is capable of producing up to 350 mT per day at maximum efficiency. For cold work environments, CTI-CRYOGENICS 9600's low temperature alarm will alert the user of a potential issue and immediately shut off the pump. Additionally, the unit comes with a built-in nitrogen pressure switch that prevents over-pressurization of the unit. With its external cooling fins, CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYOGENICS 9600 is expressly designed to be cooled and purged by liquid nitrogen or other non-corrosive cryogenics. 9600 is compatible with a range of tanks, valves, and diaphragms for use in a variety of cold-storage applications, such as liquefying organic compounds, refrigerants, and other temperature-sensitive substances. It is also suitable for use in data-center cooling, and has a set of digital gauges and adjustable over-pressure/under-pressure settings to provide continuous monitoring of the machine. CRYOGENICS 9600 is also designed with safety in mind. The unit offers an emergency shut-off switch, a mounted overflow safety valve, and low-temperature protection, as well as advanced monitoring and alarm functions, all of which are designed to reduce the risk of accidental spills and other hazardous events. In general, CTI-CRYOGENICS 9600 is a robust cryogenic pump with a wide array of features designed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in a range of industrial and research applications. From its adjustable stroke length to its emergency shut-off switch, CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYOGENICS 9600 is an important asset for any laboratory, research facility, or other cold-storage facility.
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