Used CTI Cryogenics Cryo-torr 7 #171745 for sale

Cryogenics Cryo-torr 7
ID: 171745
High Vacuum Pumps.
CTI Cryogenics Cryo-torr 7 is a high capacity, oil-sealed rotary vane pump designed for use in low-temperature and high-vacuum applications. This pump has many features and characteristics that make it ideal for use in cryogenic environments. The Cryo-torr 7 is an exceptionally efficient, low-maintenance pump. This is due to its oil-sealing rotary vane design, which minimizes the amount of energy required to create vacuum, and reduces heat production thanks to a PTFE-coated rotor and vanes. This provides a very efficient and reliable pumping solution. The pump also offers excellent low-temperature performance, with a cryogenic-capable operational range of -100°C to +100°C. It also has corrosion-resistant materials of construction suitable for use in aggressive environments, including stainless steel tanks and shafts, and corrosion-resistant parts in contact with the pumped material. In addition, the pump has an integrated monitoring system that allows users to monitor pressures and temperatures within the pumping chamber and individual stages of the pump. This allows users to identify potential problems and take corrective action before they become an issue. The pump also has a low-noise motor and high-volume, low-pressure muffler, which ensures a quiet operational environment. It also features a safety overheating valve which dissipates excess heat and pressure within the pump, providing additional safety and protection. Finally, the Cryo-torr 7 is designed for easy assembly and maintenance, and is capable of simple automatic start/stop operations. This ensures a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for all of your cryogenic and high-vacuum requirements.
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