Used CTI-CRYOGENICS Cryo-Torr 8 #9096996 for sale

Cryo-Torr 8
ID: 9096996
Cryopump Pumping Speed (Litres Per Second): Air: 1500 Water Vapour: 4000 Hydrogen: 2500 Argon: 1200 Inlet connection: 6” ANSI Accessories available: CTI 8500 Compressor & Connecting Hoses .
CTI-CRYOGENICS Cryo-Torr 8 is a highly reliable and efficient cryogenic turbomolecular pump, ideal for a range of high-vacuum applications. With its cryopumping and enhanced diffusion pumping combinations, it offers excellent performance in both mechanical and process-based applications. The pump features an 8-stage cold cryopanel, arranged in an optically optimized geometry, which achieves a high production rate of up to 17.3 l/s (60.7 CFM) of pumping speed. The low vibration and low noise operation along with minimize heat load ensures quiet and efficient operation. The high-performance drive and control electronics of the pump enable variable speed and frequency settings to as low as 50 Hz, allowing for fine-tuning and virtual pressure stability. The power-saving thermal power regulation keeps the pump running cooler and quieter, as well as ensuring energy-efficiency. The durable stainless steel pump casing is resistant to corrosion and ageing, thereby increasing its lifespan. CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYOTORR 8 also features simple installation and compatibility with a wide range of mediums and controllers. The mounting rails enable straightforward integration into existing systems. Additionally, real-time data logging and analysis of processes, such as pressure levels and temperature, can be done from the connected PC through the USB interface. Overall, CRYOGENICS CRYO-TORR 8 cryogenic turbo-molecular pump is designed to handle a wide range of requirements in high-vacuum applications and offers excellent performance with its advanced technologies and features. Its durable construction and reliable operation ensure that it will provide reliable, efficient performance for many years to come.
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