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Cryotorr 100
ID: 171744
High Vacuum Pumps.
CTI-CRYOGENICS Cryotorr 100 is a high-performance cryogenic pump that is designed specifically for high-vacuum applications. Designed and manufactured in Germany, CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYO-TORR 100 is a well-engineered system built with a range of leading-edge technologies, which offers advanced performance and reliability. CRYOGENICS CRYO-TORR 100 utilizes a diaphragm-type pump design, allowing for greater performance than other vacuum technologies, such as Roots pumps. It is capable of pumping liquids, as well as gases and vapors, up to a pressure ratio of 1:200. Cryotorr 100 has a straightforward design which makes it simple to install and operate. It has a direct-drive motor which allows for efficient operation by minimizing energy losses. Additionally, the unit has a high-vacuum pumping chamber, allowing it to achieve the most efficient operation while providing maximum performance. CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYOGENICS CRYO-TORR 100 is also equipped with a wide range of features and options, such as a purge port, vacuum gauge, speed control and filtration systems. It is also compatible with most vacuum pumps and is designed to work with a variety of applications, such as vacuum drying, thin film deposition, ultra-high vacuum and cold traps. CRYO-TORR 100 comes with a variety of safety features, such as an automatic safety shutoff, which prevents the pump from operating in an unsafe environment. Additionally, it is equipped with a thermometer and an integrated level-control system, which allows users to monitor and control their operations. CTI-CRYOGENICS Cryotorr 100 is a reliable and efficient solution for a variety of users, such as industrial and research laboratories. With its leading-edge design and performance, it is an excellent choice for laboratories and industrial facilities. From vacuum-drying and thin-film deposition to ultra-high vacuum and cold traps, CTI-CRYOGENICS CRYO-TORR 100 provides superior performance, efficiency and reliability.
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