Used CTI-CRYOGENICS IS-1000 #9094090 for sale

ID: 9094090
Compressors Low voltage.
CTI-CRYOGENICS IS-1000 is a lightweight centrifugal cryogenic pump specifically designed for efficient handling of process liquefied gases such as helium, argon, oxygen, and nitrogen. It features a compact housing that is about half the size of a traditional cryogenic pump and is ideal for space-constrained locations. CTI-CRYOGENICS IS 1000 is a single-stage, direct-drive cryogenic pump with a radial bearing design. It utilizes a two-stage centrifugal impeller with self-adjusting packings to enhance its performance. The impeller features an integral pressure relief port to prevent liquid slugging at start-up and reduced power requirements at part loads. The centrifugal impeller also provides improved gas handling capability in comparison to other single-stage pumps, providing higher flow rate for taking care of system needs. The pump features an all-metal, double-lipped, low-leakage cryogenic seal, making it suited for liquid end applications. The seal configuration is designed to prevent cross-contamination between suction and discharge parts and limit heat leaks. The cryogenic seal also utilizes a two-piston design for high pressure containment up to 600 PSI. It has a positive pressure recirculation design which limits the pressure differential to a minimum and helps eliminate vibration and cavitation issues. IS-1000 features a dynamically balanced impeller with a shaft on thrust bearing support that ensures efficient operation and reduced vibration. The inlet and discharge flanges of the pump are machined for optimal performance, providing higher flow than other comparable pumps. The corrosion-resistant pump materials ensure extended life and reduce maintenance costs. IS 1000 is designed to be installed in an open, ventilated area to ensure proper cooling of the motor and other components. The pump can be custom-configured with various hydraulics, bearings, and seals to ensure application flexibility. It is ideal for a variety of applications including bulk transfer, filling and refilling operations, and pressure liquid transfer.
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