Used CTI-CRYOGENICS OB-10 #9099384 for sale

ID: 9099384
Cryopumps 250 ISO Flange.
CTI-CRYOGENICS OB-10 is a high-end cryogenic pump designed to efficiently move cold liquids and gases in industrial, laboratory and commercial applications. Featuring a 10-horsepower motor, the semi-hermetic, oil-free design efficiently maintains temperatures from -425°F to 400°F in closed loop process systems. This allows for fast circulation of liquids such as nitrogen, oxygen, and helium, as well as the dispersion of gases, in extreme temperature ranges. Additionally, CTI-CRYOGENICS OB 10 cryogenic pump features an innovative bearing design which significantly reduces thrust loads, resulting in a long product life. For enhanced performance, OB-10 utilizes unique application-specific control systems that can be custom-programmed to optimize the operation of process systems and mitigate operating cost or product losses. This is achieved by controlling the impeller speed, inlet and outlet pressures of the process, allowing for precise control over the flow of fluids. Design-wise OB 10 is equipped with a stainless steel compressor jacket and interior that adds extra protection against corrosion. Its large double seal chamber is also equipped with a robust drive shaft and is capable of supporting complex process systems. The pump includes dedicated suction and discharge flanges which allow for easy installation, maintenance and servicing. In conclusion, CTI-CRYOGENICS OB-10 cryogenic pump is a reliable and efficient product designed for industrial, laboratory and commercial applications. Its semi-hermetic, oil-free design makes it suitable for moving cold liquids and gases in extreme temperature ranges, while the application-specific control systems allow for precise control of fluid flow. Additionally, CTI-CRYOGENICS OB 10's stainless steel compressor jacket, double seal chamber, and flanges make it convenient, durable and easy to install and maintain.
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