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CTI OB 400
OB 400
ID: 175504
CTI OB 400 is an overhung centrifugal pump manufactured by Colossus Turbine International Inc. It is designed for a wide range of pumping applications. It is suitable for medium-to-high flow and low-to-medium pressure applications in industries such as manufacturing, refining, power and chemical. The pump features a four-stage construction and can transport a maximum capacity of up to 1200gpm at a maximum head of 230ft. The overhung pump configuration design is based on the Radial Split-Casing (RSC) principle. This helps reduce fabrication time and cost of the pump and makes it efficiently efficient. The heavy duty shaft assembly used in the design is built for durability and high operating efficiencies. The mechanical seal assemblies are held independently within the pump casing, reducing the chances of seal leakage. OB 400 features a dynamically balanced rotating assembly as well as a stationary wear components, made from high quality materials making it corrosion resistant. Additionally, these components are designed to operate within a wide range of temperatures and pressure. The pump is designed with a closed type suction, ensuring that the media enters the pumped at an appropriate pressure, which improve pump efficiency and reduce wear. CTI OB 400 is powered by electric driving motors, which have a power rating range from 0.25kW to 20kW. Furthermore, this pump employs dynamic hydrodynamic bearing systems and allows for operation up to 135.000 CPM. Pump features such as maintenance and servicing can be seamlessly completed by using the adjustable locking screws making pump maintenance a lot easier and quicker. Overall, OB 400 is designed to meet the highest industrial standards and to handle a wide range of pumping applications ranging from medium-to-high flow and low-to-medium pressure applications. The pump offers superior performance, increased product delivery, and optimum efficiency, making it an ideal choice for industries such as manufacturing, refining, power and chemical.
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