Used CTI SC #150003 for sale

ID: 150003
Cryo compressors.
CTI SC is a centrifugal pump designed to provide efficient and reliable pumping operations in a variety of applications. The pump offers superior hydraulic performance, offering superior suction capability and a large flow rate. It features an efficient containment equipment and is designed from a corrosion resistant alloy for reliable operation in aggressive environments. The centrifugal pump design is typically employed for pumping high pressure fluids, and SC pump is an ideal choice for applications where maximum flow rates are needed. This makes it ideal for pumping large volumes of water and other fluids. The working envelope of the pump is very broad, allowing for different flow rates, pressures and temperatures. The pump features a double helical vane impeller, with vanes set in a multi-vane configuration. This vane-type impeller offers the highest efficiency, delivering flow speeds that are greater than that of single or double-inlet centrifugal pumps. The impeller is dynamically balanced in order to limit vibration and structural stress, ensuring smooth and quiet operation. The pump material used for CTI SC model is an alloys based steel, and it is offered in a number of different metallic options such as stainless steel and brass. Each of these materials are corrosion resistant, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods of time. Additionally, the pump features an interchangeable mechanical seal that is designed to resist abrasive materials and deforming agents. To ensure the uniform performance, SC pump utilizes a specially designed liquid containment system. This unit acts as a buffer, reducing shockwaves and vibrations, which helps to improve reliability and prolong the life of the pump. The pump has radial and axial thrust loads capacity and is supplied with gauge metal isolating mats between foundation and pump bedplate. CTI SC pump is equipped with several motor options, allowing for different pumping speeds and flowrates. This includes a range of standard motors, as well as horizontal/vertical and variable speed drive options. The capacity of the pump can be altered with a unique pump speed control machine. Additionally, the tool has a number of safety features such as pressure relief valves, overloads and limit switches. To accurately monitor head, flow rate and pressure, the pump is supplied with a number of different accessories and meters. This includes pressure gauges, thermometers, suction and delivery strainers and flow meters. This enables a range of measurements and adjustments to ensure the pump operates at its optimum performance.
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