Used CTI SC #180251 for sale

ID: 180251
Helium compressors Color: Army green Static pressure.
CTI SC pumps are centrifugal, positive displacement pumps designed for water transfer and other industrial applications. They are specifically designed for continuous operation in a variety of harsh industrial and environmental conditions. SC pumps are built with corrosion-resistant non-metallic parts, making them perfect for applications that require an extended service life. The wetted components are available in a variety of high performance plastics, elastomers, and other materials that can handle a wide variety of high temperatures, pressures, and flow rates. CTI SC pump utilizes a single volute design, which is designed to ensure optimal performance and a long service life due to the lack of internal moving parts that are subject to wear and tear. This design also features a heavy-duty shaft and bearings which are designed to perform in extreme conditions and protect against wear. SC pump utilizes a unique semi-open impeller, which provides great efficiency and a wide operating range. The impeller maintains a constant pressure differential between the suction and the discharge side, allowing for a wide range of flow rate and head pressure variations. The impeller is also highly efficient over a range of small-to-medium flow rates, and will achieve flow rates up to 22,000 gpm and heads up to 600 feet. CTI SC is also equipped with a unique, dual-purpose housing for protection against external environmental conditions. The housing incorporates a built-in thermal protection system to prevent damage due to over-temperature. It also features a pressure relief valve to relieve pressure when the system experiences a water hammer. Overall, SC pump is a reliable and reliable base for applications that demand high reliability and long service life. Its non-metallic components make it ideal for use in a wide range of environments, while its semi-open impeller provides an excellent flow rate and high performance. Its unique design allows it to be capable of handling a wide range of flow rates and pressures, making it an excellent choice for water transfer and other demanding operational environments.
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