Used CVC PBA-100A #9081539 for sale

ID: 9081539
Diffusion pump, 6" ASA expanded pump plus LN2 trap 960 l/s at the baffle.
CVC PBA-100A Pump is a specialized hydraulic pump designed for diverse applications in industrial and commercial settings. This particular pump model features an advanced design, combining efficiency, reliability, and performance to efficiently transfer a range of fluids, including oil, water, and chemicals. The pump has a high-pressure cylinder with a continuous rotary motion that produces up to 100 psi of pressure. This allows PBA-100A Pump to generate significant forces to transfer fluids with minimum effort and time. Its design also offers many advantages, such as a high volumetric efficiency. This is due to its durable construction, allowing it to perform multiple pumping cycles without significant fatigue or loss in performance. Additionally, a double acting stylus helps to reduce failures due to misalignment or stress. CVC PBA-100A Pump also features a coupling system to reduce noise levels that is composed of an internal displacement mechanism and a modular design. This coupling system helps to reduce any vibration that may occur, further increasing its durability. The pump is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It has a removable housing, allowing the user to access the interior components for servicing or changing parts. Furthermore, connecting rods are mounted from the outside. This makes it easy to attach hoses and other accessories. PBA-100A Pump is designed for a wide range of applications, from water treatment plants to factory equipment, and is perfect for small and medium-sized operations. It is also designed with compliance standards in mind as it meets with CE, ATEX, and UL certification. Its innovative design and long-term performance makes it an ideal choice for many businesses.
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