Used CVC PMC-4 #9081534 for sale

ID: 9081534
Wafer Size: 4"
Diffusion pump, 4" ASA 690 l/s.
CVC PMC-4 is an advanced and reliable pump designed for a wide range of industrial applications. It is part of the PMC family of industrial pumps, a series created by CVC Corporation that excels in developing superior pumping solutions for many different industrial processes. PMC-4 model is specifically designed for use in medium duty pressurized operations. This pump is able to perform up to 115 gallons per minute (GPM) and handle material up to 1800 pounds per square inch (PSI), making it a great choice for high stress pumping applications. CVC PMC-4 also features an adjustable speed motor, which makes it simple to react to variations in the process or production environment. The pump is compatible with many different media types such as nitrogen, oxygen, air, and hydrocarbon based solutions. PMC-4 is an extremely durable pump, built to withstand of heavy industrial use. It features a robust base construction of cast iron and steel components that are protected by a thermal epoxy paint coating for plenty of resistance against corrosion, rust, and other types of wear and tear. The pump internals have also been programmed to sense and react instantaneously to any changes in the process media, helping maintain a consistent and safe media flow. CVC PMC-4 also takes advantage of high-grade spherical roller bearings which reduce friction and increase the life of the pump. In addition to these features, PMC-4 has also been designed to be user friendly and requires minimal maintenance. Its configuration allows for easy access to all internal components and the mechanically adjustable impeller helps optimize performance. Finally, it has an abrasion-resistant design, built to withstand the worst of industrial conditions. Overall, CVC PMC-4 is a reliable and efficient pump designed to meet the dynamic needs of industrial processes. Its robust build quality, adjustable speed motor, and easy maintenance characteristics make it a great choice for a wide range of medium to heavy duty pressurized operations.
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