Used CVC PMC-6B #9081536 for sale

ID: 9081536
Diffusion pump, 6" ASA 1,400 l/s.
CVC PMC-6B is a heavy duty submersible pump designed to develop high heads and solve pump water applications in industrial wastewater and sewage applications. This pump is suitable for both continuous and intermittent usage and its maximum head can reach up to 130ft and maximum flow rate is 400GPM. PMC-6B is equipped with a stainless steel body and impellors, hard iron rubber lined casing for wear and corrosion resistance. The motor is totally enclosed fan cooled type (TEFC) with single phase and three phase available. Motor protection is an integral part of CVC PMC-6B pump, offering a mechanical seal directly between the motor and the pump to protect both motor and pump from any contaminants. PMC-6B features a fully front serviceable construction for ease of service by removing the front access cover. This pump is designed with several performance enhancing features such as oversized volutes, abrasion resistant impellors, optimum internal profile to achieve maximum head capacity, and a double mechanical seal system with debris shredding mechanisms. CVC PMC-6B pump can be used in various sewage and wastewater applications in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is easy to install, maintain, and operate and can be used in various configurations such as vertical, sump based, and dry pit applications. Additionally, this pump can be used for clean water applications as well. PMC-6B is designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards ensuring long term reliability. This pump is built with parts that are non-corrosive and designed for low wear and tear, providing long service life. Additionally, the pump features a leakage detector to ensure that any leak is detected and addressed quickly. Overall, CVC PMC-6B submersible pump is designed to perform and deliver in the toughest of applications. With its high head and flow rate, it is an ideal pump for a large number of sewage and wastewater applications.
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