Used CVC PMCS-2C #135756 for sale

ID: 135756
Wafer Size: 2"
Diffusion pump, 2" Water cooled Power supply: 115VAC.
CVC PMCS-2C pump is a positive displacement plunger, diaphragm, or rotary-vane pump specifically designed to handle low viscosity liquids or gases. This pump has been designed to provide the ideal solution for a wide range of applications including Municipal, Industrial, and Engineering Industries. PMCS-2C pump is composed of a cast iron casing which houses a continuous flow type drive system coupled to a pressurized plunger or diaphragm. The plunger is precisely machined and has a high torque output. The plunger is designed to provide precise performance while avoiding any contamination of the pumped media. CVC PMCS-2C pump features a top mounted adjustable control system which allows the user to control the pressure and flow rate of the pumped media. This ensures that the user is able to adjust the parameters according to their specific requirements and demands. PMCS-2C pump also features a low-noise feature which ensures minimal disruption during operation. The low-noise technology is also beneficial for applications in which the pump needs to be running in a suburban or urban environment. In addition to being easy to use, CVC PMCS-2C pump is also very efficient at handling both low and high viscosity fluids or gases. For example, when operating with low viscosity fluids, the pump has a higher flow rate and for high viscosity fluids, the pump generates a low pressure to pump the fluid more easily and efficiently. Moreover, PMCS-2C pump requires low maintenance and is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. This makes the pump highly suitable for applications in environments where there is a high risk of contamination or foreign bodies. CVC PMCS-2C pump's design also allows for easy installation and replacement, without any specialized tools. This reduces downtime and makes the pump an ideal choice for industrial and automotive applications. Overall, PMCS-2C pump is the ideal solution for applications where precise and reliable performance is required while ensuring low operating costs.
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