Used CVC PMCS-2C #9081530 for sale

ID: 9081530
Diffusion pump, 2" CVC flange 105 l/s.
CVC PMCS-2C pump is a centrifugal, high-speed, air-cooled pump designed for the movement of liquids within industrial, mining, and military applications. PMCS-2C pump provides superior chemical compatibility and pressure capabilities, allowing it to work in a variety of applications. CVC PMCS-2C is a material movement pump constructed from strong, corrosion-resistant cast iron. The construction makes it highly durable and superior to conventional pumps for hazardous and industrial environments. The pump also has a stainless steel impeller for maximum corrosion resistance against abrasive and corrosive media. PMCS-2C has a compact design that allows it to be easily installed into tight spaces. It is designed with a variable frequency drive (VFD) motor controller, allowing for variable speed operation that can reduce electrical energy consumption in applications that require frequent stops and starts. The pump also has a direct coupling design, eliminating the need for a belt or chain drive. This feature simplifies installation and eliminates the need for additional lubrication systems. CVC PMCS-2C pump operates efficiently at a wide range of temperatures, allowing it to handle a variety of fluids, from cold temperature applications to high temperature applications. The pump is designed to handle up to 400 gpm flow rate and pressures up to 150 psi. It is designed with an internal volute, which efficiently moves the liquid without additional resistance to flow. PMCS-2C pump's construction and design make it one of the most reliable pumps on the market for hazardous liquids, industrial manufacturing, and military applications. Its reliable performance has made it a preferred choice in a range of military, industrial, and mining applications.
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