Used CVC PVMS-100 #9081537 for sale

ID: 9081537
Diffusion pump, 6" ASA expanded 2,500 l/s.
CVC PVMS-100 is a volumetric positive displacement pump designed for use in various applications requiring a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The pump is driven by an electric motor and is capable of delivering pumps up to 10 CFM with pulse-free and accurate head and pressure control. The pump is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel construction for superior durability and performance. It utilizes a bypass check valve coupled with a hydraulic actuated recirculating valve that provides precise control and accurate operation. The pump features a three-position selector for easy operation, and the front panel LCD display provides feedback for system and pump performance. The angular design paired with its low profile makes PVMS-100 the perfect choice for physical process applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The recirculating valve design reduces heat builds up during operation, aiding the pump to remain cool and efficient. The stainless steel motor and drive train also improves operational efficiency, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Moreover, CVC PVMS-100 utilizes a patented single mechanical seal design coupled with a permanent magnet motor and digital communications for smooth operation and longer life. It offers a wide range of pressure ratings to meet virtually every application. Optional accessories, such as a pressure switch, make-up valve, and VFD speed controller, are also available for enhanced performance and control. PVMS-100 is the ideal choice for demanding applications requiring variable pressure control and repeatable operation. The robust construction and superior performance make it the perfect choice for your pumping needs.
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