Used CVC VMF10 #9081531 for sale

ID: 9081531
Diffusion pump 12,5 l/s, 120 volts.
CVC VMF10 is a medium-capacity, direct-coupled, vertical pump designed for a range of fluid handling applications. Suitable for both domestic and industrial applications, this high performance pump is predominately used for water supply, irrigation and general pumping. CVC VMF 10 is an end suction centrifugal pump, featuring a single-stage, vertical-in-line design for the best performance and ease of installation. It is constructed from corrosion-resistant, ultra-strong stainless steel (SS316) with a mechanical seal in the shaft casing that prevents damage to the motor by providing protection from pressure and temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the pump also features an extremely efficient, low-noise operation, as well as a double-spiral volute impeller for improved cavitation resistance. VMF10 has a direct-coupled drive system with a drive speed of 1725 rpm and runs at a max pressure of 7 bar. The pump is capable of handling liquids between 15-50 degrees Celsius with a water flow rate of up to 3.2 m3/hr (depending on the pump's operating pressure). Additionally, the pump is also designed to handle a variety of media including clean, slightly soapy, light and viscous liquids and suspended solids. CVC VMF10 can be connected to various pipe systems and is easily upgraded and maintained. It features an adjustable discharge head and reliable suction outlet, allowing it to be used in large-scale applications and can be operated in either horizontal or vertical planes. VMF10 is an excellent choice for any water/wastewater application. It offers a robust and reliable performance, while the low-noise operation provides it with a great advantage in any noise-sensitive environment. Moreover, the pump is economical, as it requires low energy consumption. This makes it an ideal choice for any fluid-handling applications that require a safe and reliable operation.
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