Used DAYTON 9M537 #124603 for sale

ID: 124603
Vertical pumps Wet material: brass HP: 1.25 Inlet: 1.5" Outlet: 0.5" RPM: 1,590 Power requirements: 115V, 1.5A, 60Hz, 1-phase.
DAYTON 9M537 is a centrifugal pump designed to meet different application requirements. This pump utilizes a unique high-performance characteristics such as low vibration and low noise levels to deliver a superior service life and reliable operation. It is a non-metallic housing making it corrosion and chemical resistant. 9M537 features an internal radial impeller, allowing for maximum suction power and efficient performance in a compact size. The pump is designed with an adjustable service speed that helps ensure superior hydraulic efficiency, increased energy efficiency and optimized water flow. Additionally, the pump is fitted with a built-in adjustable pressure regulator to maintain optimal inlet pressure. Its unique self-draining volute design helps ensure that water does not remain in the volute after shut off. The self-cleaning capability of this pump is beneficial for applications that require frequent maintenance. Further, DAYTON 9M537's oil-less design ensures that there is no risk of oil spilling or leaking during operation. 9M537 is a cost-effective pump that is capable of delivering reliable performance with a highly efficient flow rate in a variety of pumping applications. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and is able to operate in a variety of temperatures with an excellent starting torque. DAYTON 9M537 is a reliable and efficient choice for applications that require consistent and reliable performance. With its corrosion and abrasion resistance, 9M537 is an ideal choice for applications with harsh operating conditions. Its unique design ensures a service life free of maintenance, making it one of the most reliable and durable pumps on the market today.
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