Used DEKKER Vmax LT DV0080B-MA3 #155807 for sale

Vmax LT DV0080B-MA3
ID: 155807
Vacuum pump, 5.5 hp.
DEKKER Vmax LT DV0080B-MA3 is a submersible motor-driven centrifugal pump designed for light commercial and home water transfer applications. This efficient and reliable pump is capable of providing flows up to 80 gallons per minute. It is powered by a highly efficient, brushless DC motor and includes adjustable electronic speed control providing quiet operation as well as over-voltage surge protection. The Vmax LT is powered by a single-phase, 230V motor and is equipped with a dual mechanical seal that works in combination with a built-in thermal overload protection for effective and reliable operation. This specially formulated composite for retarding air gap allows for extremely quiet performance even in harsher environments. The Vmax LT features a stainless steel housing construction and corrosion-resistant components to ensure a long service life. The included rapid pump turn down system is designed to prevent flooding and allows pump operation over a wide range of speeds, making it ideal for applications demanding multiple duty points. The pump also features an engineered impeller designed to maximize the performance while providing excellent water transfer rates and extended service life. The Vmax LT is equipped with auto re-start capabilities, allowing it to start at the optimal level regardless of the input voltage, and ultimately protecting the pump from low voltage conditions. Additionally, the pump has an integrated control panel that allows for easy access to speed control, variable restart levels, as well as a dry run protection for added safety. The Vmax LT is an ideal choice for smaller water transfer applications, offering reliable performance and long-term value.
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