Used DIETZ FDR90LB #124625 for sale

ID: 124625
Vertical pumps Wet material: CPVC HP: 4 Inlet: perf Outlet: 1" RPM: 2,870 Power requirements: 230-400V, 60Hz, 3-phase.
DIETZ FDR90LB pump is a heavy-duty, high-capacity pump designed for commercial and industrial applications. This pump is manufactured by DIETZ Pump Co., a leading provider of industrial pumps and engineering services. FDR90LB is an industrial centrifugal pump and is available with either single-stage or double-stage operation. This pump operates at a flow rate of 90 gallons per minute (gpm), and with a maximum head up to 140 feet of head for single-stage operation and 190 feet of head for double-stage operation. It has a maximum operating pressure of 500 pounds per square inch (psi) and an efficiency rating of 62%. The pump is designed to handle either clean water or fluids containing suspended solids up to 1/2 inch in diameter, and can handle low-viscosity liquids as well. DIETZ FDR90LB is constructed of durable cast iron and is powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled electric motor. The motor is engineered to withstand tough working conditions and is fully serviceable. The pump is easy to install and maintain, with a tricentric discharge port and suction base that ensure easy access to all working parts. FDR90LB pump is designed for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, including fire protection, irrigation, HVAC, water transfer, and water treatment. The pump is available in both horizontal and vertical configurations, and can be adapted for use with a variety of suction and discharge components for maximum performance. For added convenience and peace of mind, DIETZ FDR90LB pump includes a one-year manufacturer's warranty. This pump is legal for sale and use in all fifty states within the United States. Additionally, customers can opt for additional extended warranty plans, as well as extended service agreements. These plans provide greater peace of mind for customers conducting long-term operations.
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