Used DUNIWAY IPC-E062 #9088055 for sale

ID: 9088055
Ion Pump Control Unit.
DUNIWAY IPC-E062 is a precision rotary lobe pump designed for efficient and reliable operation in a variety of applications. It is designed to perform accurate pumping and precise control of liquid flows in a diverse range of industries. This state-of-the-art pump features a unique valve and rotor design that is designed to provide superior volumetric efficiency with minimal turbulence. This ensures a consistent, smooth flow of liquid in all applications. IPC-E062 utilizes an entirely non-metallic design, which is lightweight, vibration-resistant and corrosion-resistant. This design eliminates most of the wear and tear associated with pump operation, extending its operational life and minimizing maintenance. DUNIWAY IPC-E062 features self-priming abilities up to 95 meters, and operates up to 250 psi, ensuring that it can handle a wide range of demanding pumping requirements. The advanced materials and unique rotor design helps to minimize shear loading and maintain accuracy; at the same time, the design of the rotor and valve assembly reduce cavitation and air binding, ensuring that liquid can flow smoothly. IPC-E062 also features an integrated safety valve and overload protection system, which helps to detect potentially dangerous working conditions and activate the appropriate preventive actions. Additionally, an adjustable speed control system enables the user to precisely and accurately adjust the pump's flow rates to meet specific requirements. Finally, DUNIWAY IPC-E062 includes a number of optional features to maximize cost efficiency and performance. These include a control box for digital speed and temperature displays, and various materials of construction to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of liquids. By incorporating advanced design features to ensure superior performance, maximum durability, precision and responsiveness, IPC-E062 provides an efficient, reliable pumping solution that can be tailored to meet a variety of liquid flow management requirements.
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