Used DURADRY 105 #9088470 for sale

ID: 9088470
DURADRY 105 is a high-volume wet prime pump designed for dewatering, slurry, and industrial applications. The pump is powered by a diesel engine and offers an efficient and reliable operating system. The durable and robust design of 105 makes it suitable for a range of heavy-duty industrial projects. DURADRY 105 offers high suction performance, capable of pumping slurries, soils, sands, gravel, and industrial slurries up to 8 inches in diameter. The high-capacity pumping chamber is designed to handle a maximum Flow Rate of up to 1,100 Liters per minute and a Head Pressure of up to 65 meters. 105 also offers a range of adjustable parameters, such as variable rotational speed and discharge pressure, which allow the pump to be tuned to meet specific operational requirements. The pump is built with an innovative shock-absorbing frame that ensures minimal vibration and increased operational control. The large diameter impellor is also designed to maximize efficiency, while the dual-vane self-priming mechanism ensures easy operation and fast evacuation of air intake. The Hydro-Curve agitators provide great suction lift and the 'Soft-start' feature gives the user an enhanced start-up experience. The simple and accessible design of DURADRY 105 makes it easy to install and maintain. The pump is also equipped with a wide range of safety features including double-wall protection coils and anti-static shielding. The pump also offers overload and thermal protection and is compliant with international standards. 105 pump is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and offers a long service life when used in harsh environments. The pump is also designed with a range of accessories, including a remote control system, to facilitate a smooth operational process. Overall, DURADRY 105 is a powerful and durable pump ideal for heavy-duty applications. It is designed with efficient and robust technology that ensures a long operational lifetime and is easy to install and maintain. 105 offers superior suction performance and a wide range of adjustable parameters for an enhanced user experience.
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