Used DYNAVAC D125 #9084342 for sale

ID: 9084342
Vacuum pump.
DYNAVAC D125 is a high quality industrial pump designed to deliver excellent results in all areas of material vacuum applications. This robust pump utilizes an advanced air-cooled, direct drive motor to provide a reliable service for many years of use. D125 is capable of creating a good vacuum, making it perfect for a variety of vacuum applications such as pick and place tasks, materials handling, material transfer, and surface finishing. DYNAVAC D125 adopts an innovative and elegant design that is suitable for use in low-to-medium vacuum applications. It uses a powerful three-phase motor and a single-stage vane impeller. This design ensures maximum efficiency and minimal noise during operation. The motor is encased in an attractive geometric housing and is supported by high-strength gaskets. The motor is adjustable and preassembled to avoid unnecessary assembly and installation costs. The pump also has an integrated non-return valve to prevent material from backing up into the equipment. The vacuum supply is adjustable via the built-in control panel, and the device can be run in both positive and negative pressure modes. D125 also boasts a 40 dB(A) noise rating, making it one of the quietest pumps available. Built with safety in mind, DYNAVAC D125 has an auto restart system that restarts the motor when it detects a power interruption. The pump also features an adjustable overload protection device that can detect and shut down the motor if it becomes overheated. Additionally, there are three temperature sensors on the device that prevent over-heating and permanent damage if the temperature surpasses a pre-set threshold. D125 is an excellent choice for various vacuum operations. It has a robust build, is easy to use, and is able to run in both positive and negative pressure modes. It also offers great reliability and safety features, making it a safe and cost-effective option for many industries.
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