Used EBARA 150x40-6M #146818 for sale

EBARA 150x40-6M
ID: 146818
Dry pump and booster packages.
EBARA 150x40-6M is a centrifugal pump commonly used in industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. This pump is capable of providing a high volume of liquids at pressures up to 6 bar. It is reliable and robust and its construction can withstand arduous environmental conditions. The pump is powered by a single phase, electric motor and can move up to 35 m3/hr at a maximum head of 76 meters. The mechanical seal provides protection against leaks and the robust construction allows for operation in extreme conditions. The body of the pump is made of cast iron and the impeller is made of bronze, providing a long service life. 150x40-6M pump features a removable rear cover that allows for easy maintenance and repair. Its construction is well balanced and allows for low vibration and noise emission. The overall design offers simple installation, improved performance and prolonged life cycle. The pump has been designed to reduce energy consumption and maintains a high level of efficiency under tough conditions. Its numerous features make it suitable for a wide range of applications. These include water supply, boiler plants, cooling and air-conditioning systems, domestic waterworks, agricultural and other water supply systems. The pump is equipped with an automatic pressure switch and additional protection components such as the mechanical seal, a thermal sensor and an overload protection device. Additionally, an integrated non-return valve ensures that the water supply line remains secure, and the entire unit meets the requirements of the CE mark. EBARA pump provides reliable and economical performance, and is easy to install and maintain. The housing is fully corrosion-resistant and ensures a good balance between performance and environmental requirements. With its robust construction, EBARA 150x40-6M is the ideal solution to a variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.
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