Used EBARA 150x40 #161762 for sale

EBARA 150x40
ID: 161762
EBARA 150x40 pump is an efficient and cost-effective option for various fluid transfer and circulation applications. This robust pump is capable of delivering high volumes without compromising on performance. 150x40 pump is equipped with a heavy-duty motor and pump body made of corrosion-resistant materials. This enables it to safely handle various kinds of liquids in a wide range of temperatures, pressures and flow rates. The pump features a 150mm diameter suction port and 40mm discharge port, making it suitable for applications requiring higher volumes. Its maximum flow rate is up to 4219 lpm with a maximum head of 37.6 m. It is fitted with a cast iron impeller for the optimal efficiency of the pump. EBARA 150x40 has a maximum pressure of 8 bar and is available in both single-phase and three-phase variants. The pump is equipped with a specially designed motor capable of delivering reliable performance at any speed or condition. Additionally, 150x40 features an integrated cooling system in order to extend the life of the pump and protect it from overheating. It also has a thermal protection device which can switch the motor off if it exceeds the temperature limit. For installing the pump, EBARA 150x40 comes with a set of mounting brackets and hardware required to fix the pump in place. Additionally, the pump is provided with a grounding connection to prevent any form of electric shock. 150x40 is equipped with an IP-54 rating, an insulation class of F, and a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C. EBARA 150x40 is also considered to be an environmentally friendly pump that uses minimal energy while maintaining its efficiency. This makes it a great pick for applications that require low power consumption. With its versatile design, superior performance, and affordability, 150x40 is an ideal choice for any kind of industrial environment.
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