Used EBARA 1606W-TF #146844 for sale

ID: 146844
Pump controllers.
EBARA 1606W-TF is a pump designed to safely, reliably and efficiently move fluids or other substances at high pressures. This robust pump is constructed to take on heavy workloads, with a liquid-cooled, permanent magnetic flux motor that increases reliability and service life. 1606W-TF is suited to a wide variety of commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. EBARA 1606W-TF is constructed from high quality, corrosion-resistant materials. This pump is equipped with a rugged frame and resilient construction for durable, dependable performance. The motor has direct drive impellers that are dynamically balanced for reduced vibrations, and the outer casing is engineered for superior heat dissipation. 1606W-TF is powered by a three phase motor, with a rated wattage of 1 0.6W. The motor operates in both manual and automatic modes, allowing for optimum adjustment to meet power requirements and operating conditions. The pump is capable of providing flows up to 8.75 gpm, and provides a maximum head of 28.7 ft. EBARA 1606W-TF operates at a wide range of voltages and frequencies, including both 220V and 440V AC and 400V DC. All 1606W-TF pumps feature reliable, dynamic mechanical seals for leak prevention and compliance with safety standards. The pump is equipped with an overload protection feature to safeguard against low voltage and over-temperature motor conditions. It is also equipped with a mechanical seal protection feature to prevent failure of the seal due to dry-running. In order to ensure a long, trouble-free service life, EBARA 1606W-TF is designed with a self-cleaning impeller, which is designed to prevent blockages caused by debris or other contaminants in the liquid being pumped. Additionally, its bi-directional design allows for fluid transportation in either direction depending on your system's needs. 1606W-TF is designed to provide reliable, high-pressure performance to meet a variety of commercial, industrial, and agricultural needs. Thanks to its corrosion resistant exterior, efficient motor and robust design, this pump is capable of operating in various conditions and with various liquids and substances to meet the needs of any installation.
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