Used EBARA 20X40 #179367 for sale

ID: 179367
EBARA 20X40 is a medium-flow pump designed for general purpose water transfer applications. It is a single-stage centrifugal pump with a maximum capacity of 20m3/h and a maximum head of 40m. It is made from robust, corrosion-resistant materials, making it suitable for many different water applications. 20X40 features an inlet and outlet flange, a hollow shaft and mechanical seal, and impellers that are bi-directional and replaceable. The pump is also extremely reliable and robust, with minimal maintenance needed and a high level of performance. It is constructed to comply with EN737-1 standards, and also has thermal protection as well as overload protection. The pump is designed for delivery of water in both entry and exit of the pump. This is a highly efficient and reliable model, capable of reaching maximum delivery heads of up to 40 m. The pump features a dry-run protection determined by its built-in centrifugal switch, which starts the motor when the water flow reaches the required level and switches it off when the flow drops. EBARA 20X40 has a highly efficient design, with non-clogging mechanical seals, vertical operation, and an impeller made from cast iron. It also has a low NPSH requirement, resulting in several advantages. It has a low running noise and a class F insulation system to ensure the pump operates safely. The pump's performance is also designed for optimal flow, efficiency and maximum power and speed, enabling it to deliver high-volume flows and pressure operations. This further contributes to good flow distribution and performance of the pumps, providing a higher performance for the same given input power. The pump's performance can be further modified to meet specific requirements. In conclusion, 20X40 is an excellent and versatile pump for many different water transport applications. Its reliable and robust design, efficient performance and reliable protection makes it a key choice for users seeking to move water for various process applications.
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