Used EBARA 40x20 #132137 for sale

EBARA 40x20
ID: 132137
Pump Pumping speed: 42 CFM/m3h.
EBARA 40x20 is a centrifugal submersible pump specifically designed for reliable operation in commercial and industrial applications. An adjustable pitch volute optimizes the impellers' flow performance, allowing for quick and efficient handling of liquid materials in large volume applications. Its rugged construction and corrosion resistant materials make it an ideal choice for construction sites, wastewater, stormwater, and solids handling applications. EBARA 40 X 20 pump is powered by a heavy duty premium efficiency NEMA electric motor. The motor is designed to run cooler, quieter, and longer than a standard motor, allowing for increased operation time and reduced maintenance. The motor is also coupled with an optimized open impeller design that maximizes flow rates, improves water flow, and reduces drag. This reduces the pump's operational costs and increases its overall efficiency. 40x20 pump is further engineered for durability and endurance in harsh environments. Its volute and casing are constructed from cast iron for superior strength, and impeller and shaft components are made from stainless steel for increased resistance to corrosion and wear. The pump also features sealed bearings and a heavy duty mechanical seal that keep out water and other contaminants, preventing damage and ensuring its longevity. Additionally, 40 X 20 pump comes with a four year warranty that covers all parts and labor. EBARA 40x20 pump is designed to help save energy and money. Its high efficiency motor helps reduce energy loss and its open impeller design helps improve flow rates and reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, its heavy duty construction ensures optimal performance and reliable operation year after year. Overall, EBARA 40 X 20 pump is an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable operation in harsh environments. Its high efficiency motor and open impeller design allows for long term and trouble-free operation, reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency. Together, these features make 40x20 pump an easy choice for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.
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