Used EBARA 40x20 #145980 for sale

ID: 145980
Dry pump, 42 CFM.
EBARA 40x20 is a centrifugal pump designed to transfer clean, clear liquids at a rate up to 175 gallons per minute. It is an ideal choice for many types of applications, including water circulation for industrial processes, cold water booster systems, water supply for single and multiple family residences, and water transfer systems such as those found in farming, golf courses, and amusement parks. The pump offers a number of benefits to the user, including energy efficiency, reliable performance, and a robust design that offers longevity in even the most challenging environments. Constructed from strong, lightweight plastic or stainless steel, EBARA 40 X 20 features high performance, low-flow operation that can be used in a wide variety of situations. It is compatible with a variety of system configurations, including horizontal and vertical, and comes standard with a threaded-end connection that allows for easy installation. The highly efficient motor used in the pump offers a powerful and consistent flow of liquid at even the most demanding applications. The pump also features a mechanical seal that helps prevent leaks and aids in heat transfer. In addition, 40x20 utilizes a unique, double wheel impeller that works together with an innovative surface enhancement technology to assure performance and efficiency. The impeller helps to significantly reduce noise compared to other centrifugal pumps, making it suitable for residential and light commercial applications. Equipped with a built-in float switch, 40 X 20 can also be used for automatic or manual operation, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience. Another benefit of the pump is its superior pressure capability, which enables it to lift or pump liquid up to 17 feet in height, making it ideal for flood control or other applications that require a high head. In summary, EBARA 40x20 is an energy efficient, reliable, and robust centrifugal pump that is specifically designed for a wide variety of applications. It features a unique double wheel impeller that helps reduce noise levels and offers superior pressure capability and flow rate. In addition, the pump's built-in float switch allows for both manual and automatic operation while providing flexible operating options. Ultimately, EBARA 40 X 20 is a great choice for pumping clean, clear liquids in a variety of settings.
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