Used EBARA 40x20 #9096486 for sale

ID: 9096486
Dry pump Pumping speed: 60 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 1 x 10-2 m/bar or better Inlet flange: KF40 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: 208 V, 3 phase Motor Power: 2.2kW.
EBARA 40x20 Pump is a deep well submersible pump made by EBARA, a Japanese manufacturer of pump instruments. This single-stage centrifugal pump is designed to move groundwater and other fluids at a submerged level, making it an ideal choice for environments such as agricultural farms and recreational sites that require a reliable water source. EBARA 40 X 20 Pump is powered by a single phase continuous-duty motor, with a power rating of 1 hp and a maximum head pressure of 115 feet and 150GPM (Gallons Per Minute) for optimal performance. The pump features a stainless steel motor body to prevent corrosion, and a thermally protected shell for added durability. An adjustable mechanical seal helps to maximize efficiency and reliability. The dual shaft design allows for easy replacement of the motor, and its submersible design helps to minimize noise and vibration. The pump has a built-in non-return valve that helps to prevent backflow, while a 20-foot flexible power cable is included for added convenience. 40x20 Pump is designed with an oil-filled triple seal motor construction, making it ideal for applications where forceful water pressure is needed. The pump also comes with a one-year limited warranty for added peace of mind. It is designed to withstand extreme environments, and its stainless steel casing is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. Overall, 40 X 20 Pump is a reliable and powerful water pump option. Its many features make it an ideal choice for a variety of fluid applications, and its durable construction ensures optimal performance for many years to come.
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