Used EBARA 50X20 #172405 for sale

ID: 172405
EBARA 50X20 is a high-performance, multi-stage centrifugal pump designed for efficient, reliable and quiet operations. It is ideal for industrial, commercial and municipal applications and offers superior hydraulic performance, long service life and excellent value for money. The pump is capable of handling large volumes of water and other liquids and can be used in a variety of applications including water booster systems, cooling systems, pressure boosting and sewage applications. EBARA 50 X 20 pump features a durable cast iron construction and is equipped with a stainless steel wear ring and a variety of motor options, allowing users to choose from either a single-phase or three-phase electric motor. The pump is designed for quiet operation, providing users with a virtually silent operation. 50X20 pump is designed for operation with a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures, making it an idal choice for most water booster systems. Additionally, the powerful motor enables the pump to achieve outstanding head, flow and efficiency. 50 X 20 is a reliable and robust pump and can easily handle high static heads, making it suitable for most water booster system applications. The pump is also very energy efficient, reducing power bills and providing users with savings over the long term. EBARA 50X20 pump is easy to install and maintain and comes with comprehensive technical service and support. The pump includes a 10 year limited warranty, providing users with additional peace of mind. Overall, EBARA 50 X 20 is a highly efficient and reliable high-performance multi-stage centrifugal pump. It is designed for quiet operation and is capable of handling large volumes of water and other liquids. The pump is energy efficient and provides users with outstanding performance, long service life and an excellent value for money.
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