Used EBARA 80x25 UERR6M #9092104 for sale

80x25 UERR6M
ID: 9092104
Dry pump.
EBARA UERR6M is a reliable and robust centrifugal pump designed to move liquids from locations without connection to a pressurized water supply. This versatile pump is suitable for a wide range of general purpose and industry applications, offering high efficiency, low noise and durability. The pump is equipped with a high-efficiency, stainless steel impeller. Its non-clog design provides maximum efficiency and improved performance in even the most demanding conditions. The UERR6M is designed to provide reliable performance in high temperature and pressure applications. Its robust cold-rolled steel motor casing and sealed construction provide excellent protection from water damage. EBARA UERR6M features a steel frame and durable construction with a hand holes and mounting coupler for easy installation. Its power supply is dual-voltage which provides optimal compatibility with most electrical systems. The UERR6M is designed to minimize vibration and noise. This pump is ideal for installations requiring quiet operation. The UERR6M can move fluids up to 80 gallons per minute at a maximum head of 25 feet. This pump is designed for use with clean, fresh water and is compliant with NEMA/IEEE standards. It features an IP55 level of protection against dust and liquids and can safely operate up to 115psi. The UERR6M has a maximum operating temperature of 140°F and can be used with water temperatures as low as 32°F. The UERR6M is also available in a wide range of sizes and mounting configurations. This makes it easy to integrate into existing systems or create a new one. This pump is made with quality in mind to ensure that it will deliver reliable performance over the long term. Its low-maintenance design reduces long-term operating costs while delivering optimal performance. EBARA UERR6M is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial and general purpose applications. It provides high performance, quiet operation, reliable performance and durability in a compact and efficient design. The UERR6M offers maximum reliability for users who need a dependable pump for their liquid transfer needs.
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