Used EBARA 80X25 #9072899 for sale

ID: 9072899
Dry pumps.
EBARA 80X25 is a state-of-the-art centrifugal pump designed to meet the needs of industrial and municipal applications. This high-efficiency and robust pump is designed to provide reliable performance even in challenging conditions. It is a double-suction type, meaning that it can take in water from both sides of the impeller and thus create higher pressures and more efficient operation. Its flow rate of 33 m³/h (120 gpm) is enough to meet most applications, while its maximum pressure of 900 kPa (130 psi) is suitable for high-pressure industrial, agricultural, and industrial wastewater applications. EBARA 80 X 25 is constructed of high-grade cast iron with a hydraulic seal between the shaft and rotor giving it superior protection against contamination and extending its lifespan. Its two-piece motor frame construction with a unique sealing system further ensures protection against leaking and contaminants making it suitable for marine and commercial applications. This pump also features state-of-the-art components such as an impeller, an optically balanced built-in over-current protection to identify any issues with the motor, and double bearing support to enhance stability. 80X25 is designed to provide maximum efficiency even during low-flow and high-pressure applications. Its mechanical seal, for instance, operates at very low rotational speeds allowing for high performance even during moments of heavy loads. Aside from this, this pump also features a variety of options for installation and maintenance. It has a low suction port which provides easier access for maintenance while its single-point suction strainer makes the process of cleaning and draining the suction basket a breeze. It also has a discharge pipe of up to 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) providing increased flexibility for installation. Furthermore, its large capacity internal labyrinth filling system helps minimize noise and vibration when in operation. 80 X 25 is a powerful and reliable solution for meeting higher demands at a competitive price. Its superior design and solid construction ensures maximum efficiency and protection in demanding environments. Its superior performance and flexibility make it ideal for commercial and industrial applications. It is truly a dependable choice for one's pumping needs.
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