Used EBARA A07V-B #9096454 for sale

ID: 9096454
Pump Pumping speed: 42 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 5 x 10-3 m/bar Inlet flange: KF40 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: 208 V, 3 phase Motor Power: 1.5Kw.
EBARA A07V-B is a centrifugal, end suction, volute pump - manufactured by EBARA - designed for handling cold and hot liquids such as water or similar liquids with a high level of pressure capability. The pump is capable of processing up to 132 GPM at heads reaching up to 270 feet while providing a high level of efficiency. It is designed for use in hot water circulation systems, air conditioning, irrigation systems, boiler feed applications, industrial processes, and other applications requiring liquid to be pumped with a high level of pressure. A07V-B is constructed with precision-cast iron casing and fitted with a bronze impeller, making it robust and capable of handling large amounts of pressure. The motor is TEFC, continuous-duty with low-loss sealed bearings that ensure long-term operation while providing power and low running costs. This motor is available in a range of voltages, enclosed totally-encapsulated, and compliant with the latest standards for energy efficiency. EBARA A07V-B is also designed with an integral radial-type mechanical seal that provides reliability and durability while also maintaining a high level of serviceability. To further increase the reliability of A07V-B, it is fitted with a one-piece motor sheet post that reduces stress on both the sheet and seals as well as allowing for easy access to the motor and impeller for servicing and maintenance. EBARA A07V-B also features a suction strainer that prevents solid particles from entering the pump as well as a built-in check valve designed to prevent backflow. Overall, A07V-B is an efficient, reliable, and durable pump designed for applications requiring high levels of pressure. It is constructed with top-quality components to ensure long-term service and is designed with a number of safety features to protect the pump and its user from hazardous conditions.
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