Used EBARA A07V #9092109 for sale

ID: 9092109
Dry pump.
EBARA A07V is a centrifugal pump specifically designed for use in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. It is capable of handling a wide range of fluids, including clean, non-flammable, water-miscible liquids up to viscosity of 120 cps. Its flow rate range is from 2.8 to 8 m³/hr and its kinetic head range is up to 230 m in the single-stage version. EBARA A 07V is a single impellor pump with an axis vertically placed in the motor. It consists of a hydraulic part, composed of the base and suction and discharge ports, and the motor part. The hydraulic part of the pump includes a volute and impeller together with back plate, suction plate, and guiding vanes. The volute is a curved chamber where the liquid travels following its shape. Its wall, together with the curved blades of the impeller help the liquid to move. The back plate and suction plate form a collective component of the casing with the volute to keep the internal pressure. The guiding vanes are responsible for the static stability of the impeller and help to guide the liquid flow. The motor of A 07 V is totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) and built according to the international standard IEC 60034-1. It has an insulated and protected winding and is grease-lubricated. It also features a mechanical seal which seals the rotating parts to prevent liquid from leaking. The motor has a speed range of 2900 to 3450 RPM and can be connected with all the three phase supply voltage from 220V to 480V and frequency of 60Hz. EBARA A 07 V has multiple design features to ensure user safety and reliability. Its die-cast aluminum alloy motor casing has excellent anti-corrosion performance and also provides good heat dissipation. It also has an insulated winding design and a mechanical seal which prevents leakage. The pump also has built-in supports to provide easy installation and disassembly. The self-priming function of the pump further guarantee the continuous supply of liquid with no interruption due to dry operation. A 07V is a reliable and economical pump suitable for a wide range of applications such as water transfer, warm water circulation, cooling and air-conditioning systems, water treatment plants, industrial water supply and irrigation. It is a long-lasting and reliable pump specifically designed for easy installation and maintenance. It is also energy efficient and has protection against motor and power overload.
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