Used EBARA A10S #122600 for sale

ID: 122600
Vacuum pump 40 CFM Voltage: 208/460V.
EBARA A10S is a stainless steel centrifugal submersible pump manufactured by EBARA Corporation. It is an ideal choice for applications in remote and harsh industrial environments, such as in the energy, oil and gas, and mining sectors. EBARA A 10S offers heavy-duty and reliable performance, with a high level of efficiency for moving liquids of all kinds. This powerful pump offers a total head of up to 51 feet and has a maximum flow rate of 30 gallons per minute. It has a maximum temperature rating of 104°F, and is 100% water-tight for a lifetime of corrosion-free efficiency. The impeller of this pump is made from high-grade stainless steel, able to resist high strength and wear-resistance and thereby to provide extraordinary pumping performance. It is engineered to move liquid with minimal shear and cavitation, and its patented pump-in-pump design maximizes performance while minimizing turbulence. A 10 S is field-adjustable with an easy-to-mount base and an encased, oil-filled motor. It can easily to be installed in a variety of applications and is designed for trouble-free operation, anti-pollution vibration free environment, and superior balancing and low noise output. It comes in three different sizes and configurations - from the standard A10S to the larger A15S and A20S models. The pump also features dual seal protection and maintenance-free running. It includes an adjustable stainless steel flow regulator, a secure water-tight enclosure, and an over-temperature protection release. Other features include an electronic motor protection system, double o-ring seals, and an enhanced bearing system. EBARA A 10 S can be used in most industrial and agricultural water applications, including ponds, lakes, rivers, and wells. Overall, A 10S is an efficient, dependable, and corrosion-resistant pump, that provides exceptional performance and service. Its high-grade materials and advanced construction make it the perfect choice for many industrial pumping applications, from energy sources and water works to waste water and portable pumps, among many others.
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