Used EBARA A10S #133132 for sale

ID: 133132
Vacuum pumps.
EBARA A10S is a pump designed to provide a reliable medium-head and high-flow conveyance solution for industrial and commercial applications. This centrifugal pump is powered by an A.C. motor, and has IP55 protection against dust, condensation, and splashing water. The maximum pressure for this pump is 14.5 bars, and the maximum flowrate is 600m³/hr with a head of 63m. The inlet and outlet of this pump is rated for 2" Flange-type connections, and the materials used have a temperature rating from 0°C to +90°C. The pump can be used for various purposes, such as to pump cooling water, circulation, or water supply. EBARA A 10S pump is constructed using cast iron material, making it highly resistant to corrosion and wear-and-tear. The impeller of the pump is semi-open type, ensuring efficient operation and preventing any cavitation problems. In addition, the specially designed Shaft Seal prevents leakage, even at a higher pressure rate. Furthermore, the motor of the pump is designed to be VPI-resistant, and is protected with an overheat and overload protection switch. In terms of the overall design of A 10 S, the manufacturers have placed great emphasis on the ergonomics of the product. The pump features an integrated anti-vibration base for smooth operation, with a low-noise function. There is a direct-coupled connection from the motor to the pump, ensuring greater vertical distance from the suction part. This vertical distance helps in reducing the noise levels generated from the pump from during operation. Plus, the easy-to-maintain set up of A 10S ensures that it can be serviced quickly and efficiently. Overall, EBARA A 10 S is a highly reliable and efficient centrifugal pump which guarantees a long-term performance for industrial and commercial applications. Its durable construction and convenience in maintenance are some of its biggest benefits, making it a popular choice amongst customers.
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