Used EBARA A10S #165040 for sale

ID: 165040
Vintage: 1999
Dry pumps, 1999 vintage.
EBARA A10S is a low-cost, lightweight and compact pump used for light-duty applications in a variety of settings. Its small size and low cost makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of DIY and small business purposes, such as transferring and/or circulating liquids and gases. Uses of EBARA A 10S included but are not limited to HVAC duties, chemical and water processing, reverse osmosis, beverage transport, chemical management, coolant filtration and many other light-duty uses. The pump is made with quality materials, boasting an all-steel cast-iron construction. It is finished with a durable powder-coated epoxy for superior corrosion resistance. A 10 S pump is driven by a totally enclosed fan cooled motor that operates on single-phase power at 50Hz or 60Hz. This low-frequency motor delivers 0.5 kW of power, making it well-suited for a range of small-scale applications. It also has an IP54 protection rating and an insulation class of F. These features ensure that EBARA A 10 S is suitable for outdoor use, making it a great option for applications where space is limited. A 10S is an end-suction pump, with a built-in strainer basket for easy periodic maintenance. It also features a replaceable mechanical seal and optional extensions for easier access. This ensures that the pump remains in the best condition at all times, providing reliable performance. A10S is designed to be energy-efficient and budget-friendly. It has a maximum operating pressure of 35 psi and a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute. This ensures that it is perfect for small-scale projects, allowing operators to move higher/lower volumes of liquid as needed. Overall, EBARA A10S is an excellent choice for light-duty applications, especially in small-scale settings. Its low-cost and robust build quality make it a great value for money. Plus, its energy efficiency and easy maintenance are a great way of keeping operating costs in check. It's an ideal pump for those looking for an effective yet inexpensive solution.
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