Used EBARA A10S #174339 for sale

ID: 174339
Dry pumps, warehoused.
EBARA A10S is an advanced pump specifically designed for underwater environments. This pump features an energy efficient submersible design capable of producing high levels of pressure and flow while maintaining low levels of noise and vibration. It is constructed of durable materials with a stainless steel casing and can be used in many applications. The pump is designed with a three-phase system running on alternating current and a frequency converter for variable speed operation. EBARA A 10S incorporates a semi-hermetic, single stage motor which provides a high level of reliability and a long service life. Its integrated thermal overload protection protects against overloads, motor damage and temperature changes. Additionally, this pump features an adjustable mechanical seal that ensures tight seal without leakage or loss of pressure. A reliable, easy to see mechanical seal performance indicator provides full visibility in to the health of the pump. The intake grille and diffuser are designed for maximum efficiency, with a special design for strong suction capability with minimal head loss. Performance requirements are attained due to the precision impeller balanced upon delivery. The axial flow properties of the turbine enable low speed, high pressure operation while still reducing cavitation. A comprehensive pressure control valve is included which can be used to reduce the pressure of water, along with a built in check valve to prevent back flow. An antibacterial coating on the surface of A 10 S helps protect against rust and corrosion, while the stainless steel castings and hydraulics are designed to withstand extreme pressures and shocks. EBARA A 10 S is designed to deliver a high performance even in the harshest conditions. It is capable of delivering over 80% mechanical efficiency, a maximum pressure of 40 bar, and a maximum flow rate of 30 m/h (with a rated flow of 17 m/h). With its built-in functions and durable construction, A10S is an ideal choice for applications requiring a highly efficient, reliable and low-noise pump.
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