Used EBARA A10W #179339 for sale

ID: 179339
Dry Pump.
EBARA A10W pump is a type of water circulation pump specially designed to circulate water and other neutral liquids within closed circuits. It features a single-phase motor, planetary gearhead, and an impeller with a self-priming feature. It is a non-self-priming centrifugal pump with an axial suction port and horizontal outlet port. A10W is typically employed for cooling systems, air conditioning systems, circulation of hot and cold water, domestic supply systems, and agricultural applications. EBARA A10W has a maximum working pressure of up to 25 bar, and a maximum liquid temperature of up to 110 degree Celsius. The pump offers a maximum flow rate of 55 liters/minute and a dynamic head of up to 11 meters. It is equipped with a single-phase motor, in compliance with the applicable regulations and a protective IP55 class covering. A10W has an anodized aluminum body with a stainless steel impeller and shaft. It is highly efficient, compact and lightweight, and due to its low-noise operation and unique design, it is an overall effective and reliable solution for a range of operations. EBARA A10W features a self-priming system and a built-in diffuser which helps to reduce noise and vibration, ensuring efficient and quiet operation. A10W is designed for easy installation, maintenance and service. Its simple design allows for quick and hassle-free installation and servicing. The motor and control set-up comes with a built-in overload protection device and a soft start. The pump is equipped with a plug-in connection for a mechanical seal and an integrated automatic power-cut-off system. To ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability, EBARA offers a range of replacement parts for EBARA A10W pump. These reliable and easy-to-install components include the mechanical seal, cover gasket, and the motor. All in all, A10W pump is a highly efficient and reliable solution for circulation of water and other neutral liquid fluids. Its features and components are designed to minimize noise and vibration while providing high flow rates and head, making it a great choice for operations ranging from cooling systems to domestic supply systems.
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