Used EBARA A150W-M #9092110 for sale

ID: 9092110
Dry pump.
EBARA A150W-M pump is a sizeable mechanical workhorse designed for heavy-duty applications. It contains a 316 stainless steel pump housing with a robust and durable cast iron volute. This volute is able to resist corrosion and wear while supporting the internal components of the pump. EBARA A150WM has a strong motor with a high-efficiency design that is both dependable and powerful. It has sufficient power to drive your system with minimal energy consumption. The large 1.5 HP motor has a maximum operating speed of 2,850 RPM and a voltage rating of 115V/230V and an inverter compatible stator. This pump has a max head (maximum height) of 80' (24.4m) and a flow rate of 175 gpm (663 l/min), making it suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. It is designed to be durable and reliable in all taxations and scenarios. It is also designed to be easily installed and removed, with few moving components that are connected to the body without the need for tools. A150W M is an exceptionally quiet pump, as well as an energy-efficient one. The Xylem model of this pump has an integrated "smart" controller which can detect the optimum operating speed depending on the pressure of the liquid in the system. This helps keep the pump running smoothly and efficiently with minimal energy waste. The pump is provided with several internal and external protectors, including thermal protectors for the motor and soft-start mechanisms. These features help simplify the installation and operation of EBARA A150W M. It is suitable for water temperatures between 40 - 85°C (104 - 185°F), with a max operating pressure of 12bar (174psi). A150W-M is an incredibly efficient and durable pump designed to withstand demanding applications. With its certified qualiity, this pump is ready to tackle any challenge it is asked of. All in all, A 150 W-M is the ultimate, heavy-duty pump.
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