Used EBARA A150W-T #146814 for sale

ID: 146814
Dry pumps, many available.
EBARA A150W-T is a powerful and efficient centrifugal pump designed for industrial water management applications. It is a versatile pump designed and built to meet the needs of most applications, providing solid performance for years of trouble-free service. EBARA A150WT is equipped with a proven, single-impeller design and operates on a single-phase, three-speed motor. The sealed, double mechanical seal design provides superior protection against water leakage, while the inner casing is made of rigid, heavy-gauge cast iron. This cast iron construction ensures that A 150 W-T is capable of withstanding the toughest conditions. EBARA A 150 W-T has a maximum head of 150 feet and a maximum flow of 272 gallons per minute. Its flow rate is precisely adjustable, making it suitable for applications such as water supply and pressure boosting. The pump is designed to operate safely in temperatures up to 140° F, and is also able to handle an occasional flow of abrasive water. To ensure that the pump is highly durable and operates reliably in any environment, A150WT is fitted with a corrosion-resistant carbon steel shaft and bronze impeller. These components, combined with finely balanced blades and a premium seal, ensure that the pump is suitable for a long life. A150W-T has an impressive suction lift of 23 feet and the suction volute is made of non-metallic, corrosion-resistant material. The volute is lightweight, easy to install and is designed to prevent cavitation and possible pump damage. In addition, EBARA A150W-T is equipped with all necessary accessories such as a pressure switch, check valve and air vent valve. This allows for complete plug-and-play installation, allowing for quick and trouble-free installation. Overall, EBARA A150WT is the perfect solution for any industrial water management application. It combines high-quality materials and components, energy efficiency and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for any application.
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