Used EBARA A150W-T #9072900 for sale

ID: 9072900
Dry pumps.
EBARA A150W-T is a submersible sewage pump designed to convey waste water, stormwater, and other effluents with solid-laden liquids. This pump is designed to handle liquids with a large-solids content and is capable of handling a maximum particle size of 4 mm. This pump has an advanced motor technology that allows for increased starting torque and quieter operation. The motor is constructed of high temperature stator wire and is insulated with a Class F insulation material. The motor is also cooled using a fan, allowing it to safely operate continuously. EBARA A150WT features a double mechanical seal that prevents water leakage and allows it to operate without lubricating oil. This feature is especially important for handling liquids that may contain dangerous compounds. The double mechanical seal is made of silicon-carbide faces for maximum durability. The pump is also equipped with a powerful motor and high head. The motor is capable of reaching a maximum of 19 m2/s and can operate at speeds up to 2800 rpm. The high head feature allows this pump to move liquids with small solids over longer distances. A 150 W-T also has an integrated pump controller which allows for manual or automatic start/stop operation. This feature ensures that the pump will maintain a steady head pressure and will operate efficiently by automatically resetting itself after it reaches its set point. In addition to the standard features, A150WT has a number of unique features that make it well-suited for a variety of applications. It comes with a non-clogging vortex impeller that can handle solids up to 4mm in size. The pump also includes an integrated non-return valve in order to prevent backflow of pump fluids. This pump also comes with an adjustable adaptor that allows it to fit most sewer systems. EBARA A 150 W-T is a powerful and reliable pump designed for a variety of wastewater applications. It is designed to provide years of reliable operation and is rated for continuous duty. With its powerful motor, high head, and adjustable adaptor, this pump is the perfect choice for any sewage and wastewater handling system.
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