Used EBARA A200W #179343 for sale

ID: 179343
EBARA A200W is a single stage, end suction pump designed for general industrial water usage and designed for water circulation in low, medium, and high head installation. The pump is an efficient and reliable, cost-effective pump, with the ability to handle a wide range of operating conditions. EBARA A 200 W pump features a cast iron volute to ensure a high level of strength in the casing, with a closed impeller design that ensures efficient operation. The pump has a bronze-fitted mechanical seal and wear rings, to ensure consistent performance and excellent portability, as well as being able to handle larger flow rates than many other types of pumps. The pump comes with two sets of bearings for stable operation in high speeds and built-in strainer to protect the pump from debris and solids. The pump is also designed to operat e fluids with low-viscosity and low-head conditions, making it ideal for water pumps that need to be installed in tight spaces. In terms of performance, A200W has a maximum flow rate of 200 liters per minute, a maximum head of 25 meters, and an efficiency rating of 72%. The motor is a 3-phase, 5HP motor, with variable speed control, allowing for precise regulation of the speed and flow. The motor assembly also includes a special motor cooling system, as well as overload protection and an emergency shutdown switch. The motor is also listed UL and CSA, as is the pump itself, to ensure a safe and reliable power connection. In terms of ease of maintenance, A 200 W is designed with a simple bolt-on design and modular components that provide quick access to interior components for cleaning and repairs. Furthermore, the pump is designed with a two-year warranty for manufacturing defects. All in all, EBARA A200W pump is a capable and efficient pump, designed for a variety of general industrial water circulations and environments. The pump is highly reliable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain, making it a great option for many water pump applications.
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